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BigBoy Bikemania Tokai
021 701 0175

About Us

Who we are
Big Boy BikeMania has a wealth of experience combined with a keen passion for motorcycles and scooters. Run by Marco Colaianni and his wife Glynis; our mission is to provide affordable and fuel efficient transport direct to the public. The Bike Mania franchise has grown successfully over the seven years since we opened business.
Big Boy BikeMania offers attractive products at competitive prices. We sell bikes and accessories of exceptional quality; in fact, we represent the best of the Chinese motorcycle brands.

Our expertise
Marco has been in the motor industry from 1976, and Glynis as of 1982. One of the reasons behind our success at Bike Mania is due to our advanced position in ascertaining and attending to our clients’ needs because of the combined 66 years of experience with which we have built our business. On the forefront of Big Boy BikeMania is the important relationship we have with our customers. We build relationships through the professional and sterling services we offer our clients.
All our technicians are fully qualified. Marco’s employees are all first-timers – he is able to train them to full capacity and avoid bad habits. This means that clients receive the best possible service, both in retail and bike maintenance, as the superior ethos of the business filters through from Marco to all our employees.

Our history
Big Boy BikeMania has been in business for seven years, however, our experience goes much further into the past with Marco and Glynis’ extensive work in the motor industry. The Tokai Big Boy Bike Mania store was opened in 2008, and stocked the Jonway and GoMoto brands to begin with.

A second store, Big Boy in Kenilworth was opened in 2010, stocking Big Boy pit bikes, commuters and ATVs. Since late in 2013, we have added the Gomoto, Jonway, and Bashan range of products thereby representing the best Chinese brands available. We also offer financing and insurance assistance through organizing and arranging all financial and insurance needs from an administrative point of view, so that our clients are spared the task of applying for these themselves.

Our future
Due to parking issues the Kenilworth store was incorporated into the bigger premises which Bikemania is situated in. This gives us the opportunity to expand or level of service and parts supply to our customers without the inconvenience of looking for parking, which is now ample. With the rising cost of fuel and increased cars on the road causing heavy traffic, Big Boy BikeMania offers an affordable and efficient mode of transport that is a simple solution to these problems. For the price of an average scooter, you can buy a plasma-screen television, a designer shirt or get a gym contract! With the high-quality bikes manufactured at present, you have no reason for heavy fuel costs or car service costs to get you down.